G-Mark (mandatory certificate for export to the Persian Gulf)

The GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) is a regional standards organization (RSO) established by the resolution of the Supreme Council of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council. The GSO's mission is to assist GCC countries to achieve the goals set out in the GCC Charter and Economic Agreement by unifying various standardization, implementation and compliance activities. All these activities are for the development of the production and service sectors, strengthening trade among the member countries of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, protecting the consumer, the environment and public health, strengthening the economy of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, their competitiveness and meeting the needs of the Persian Gulf customs and the market. It shares the Persian Gulf. Today, access to these markets is required to receive G-mark for goods subject to technical regulations. The GCC Conformity Marking Unit aims to replace all national conformity systems in order to reduce technical barriers, encourage the free movement of goods within these countries and strengthen regional economic strategy policies. The mandatory certificate for export to the Persian Gulf (G Mark) is a standard for product classification that is subject to the technical regulations of the Persian Gulf Coordination Council (GCC). The priority to apply G Mark is for children's toys and low voltage devices that are exported for sale in the markets of the countries of the Persian Gulf Standard Organization (GSO).

G-MARK is a special mark of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf, which is affixed to the product and/or declaration of conformity to show that the product complies with the requirements set forth in the Technical Regulations of the Persian Gulf. Sohatos Industrial Consulting Company, having experts and specialists with experience in the field of receiving all kinds of standards and certificates necessary for export to the Persian Gulf, is ready to receive all kinds of these certificates for your product.

 Notified Conformity Assessment Bodies: A Conformity Assessment Organization declared by the GSO as a Notified Conformity Assessment Organization in a specific field in accordance with the Persian Gulf Technical Regulations. In addition, GSO has issued sectoral technical regulations, which are a set of mandatory technical regulations specific to a product or product category, which include its essential requirements and specify its conformity assessment procedures to enable the product or product category. slow to tolerate the conditions of the Persian Gulf. Mark and include references to standards necessary to meet essential requirements.

The G-Mark is now a requirement for low-voltage electrical equipment and supplies sold to Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO) member countries.

Products covered by G-Mark certification

• Household electric fan

• Home refrigerator, freezer and other refrigerating or freezing equipment

• Household clothes dryers and washing machines, including machines that both wash and dry

• Household food grinder and mixer, fruit or vegetable juicer

• toaster

• Hairdressing device and electrothermic hand dryer

• Domestic electric heating device

• Household microwave oven

• Other household furnaces. Ovens, griddles, grills, grills, and grills

• Household or momentary electric immersion water heater and water heaters

• Electric straightening irons

• Household plugs, sockets, adapters, extension cords and chargers

• Air conditioner

Conditions for obtaining the G-Mark standard

1. GSO LVE application form

2. Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity

3. A written declaration that the same request has not been submitted to any other notification agency

4. Electrical safety requirements

5. Electromagnetic compatibility requirements

6. Product photo

7. Technical documentation

To receive more information about the conditions for obtaining the G-Mark international standard, contact Sohatoos consultants