Anatel Certification

The National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil, known as ANATEL, is responsible for overseeing telecommunications devices. Securing ANATEL certification is a compulsory process for authorization. Manufacturers can enter the Brazilian telecommunications market by acquiring ANATEL certification. ANATEL employs Categories I, II, and III to delineate the telecommunications products that necessitate testing and approval.


Category I

comprises consumer products like mobile phones, lithium batteries, cell phone chargers, and modems. These products need annual retesting to confirm the absence of any alterations in their characteristics.

Category II

encompasses items utilizing radio frequency (RF), including radio broadcasting equipment, antennas, and Wi-Fi network devices. Reevaluation is required every two years for these products.

Category III

involves products like cable connectors and fiber optic cables. These items are exempt from additional retesting or reevaluation.


The ANATEL Certification Process

Manufacturers collaborate with a Designated Certification Body (OCD) and an accredited laboratory to comprehend the relevant regulations and necessary testing procedures. An accredited laboratory conducts the required tests on the manufacturer's product. The OCD assesses the test results and grants one of the three certifications:


    _ Certification based on Type Testing (1a certification scheme)

    _ Certification based on Type Testing with Periodic Product Evaluation (type 4 certification scheme)

    _ Certification based on Type Testing with Periodic Evaluation of the Product and the Factory Management System (type 5 certification scheme)


Subsequently, the OCD registers the manufacturer and the tested product with ANATEL. ANATEL validates the manufacturer's Certificate of Conformity and issues a Homologation Certificate.

All items requiring certification within the ANATEL system are outlined in the legislation specified under Act No. 7280, dated November 26, 2020. This roster encompasses the following product categories:



    energy accumulators(batteries)

    coaxial cables

    optical cables and fiber optics

    data transmission cables

    telephone cables

    chargers for mobile phone and lithium batteries

    switching centers


    broadcasting equipment

    rf equipment (exceptbroadcasting) such as rf power amplifiers, terminal access stations – eta, modems for digital transceivers, radio frequency repeaters, digital transmitters and transceivers, cellular mobile phones, base station transceivers, etc.

    optical equipment

    data communication equipment

    terminal equipment

    ip terminal equipment(wireless)

    telephone wires

    protective modules

    digital multiplex

    rectifier systems


    rectifier units


The ANATEL system comprises two primary approval forms:


    _ The Certificate of Conformity

    _ The Declaration of Conformity


The majority of products listed require Certification, while approximately 15% necessitate a Declaration. The ANATEL Certificate of Conformity alone does not authorize the sale of products in Brazil. It signifies that the product complies with all essential technical requirements and can operate securely within the Brazilian telecommunication system. To enter the Brazilian market and sell products, an additional approval document, known as the ANATEL Homologation Certificate, is essential. This certificate is issued in conjunction with the Certificate of Conformity, ensuring that the product can be successfully marketed in Brazil.


Updated on Thursday, December, 28th, 2023