Established and recognized in 1992, the EU Ecolabel is a label of environmental excellence awarded to products and services that meet high environmental standards throughout their life cycle: from the extraction of raw materials, to production, distribution and disposal. . The EU Eco label promotes the circular economy by encouraging manufacturers to produce less waste and CO2 during the production process. The EU Eco label also encourages companies to produce products that are durable, easy to repair and recycle.

The EU Eco label criteria provide detailed guidelines for companies seeking to reduce their environmental impact and ensure the effectiveness of their environmental measures through third-party control. In addition, many companies turn to the EU Eco label criteria for guidance on environmentally friendly best practices when developing their product lines.

Steps to get ecolabel

1. Before registration: Getting to know the Ecolabel concept

Which products and services are eligible?

Any product or service that is offered for distribution, consumption or use in the European market (European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and is placed in one of the non-food and non-medical product groups is eligible to receive the Ecolabel from the Union. Europe is

Who can apply?

Manufacturers, importers, service providers, wholesalers, and retailers who produce products or provide services that meet any of the criteria for the goods and services group are eligible to apply. Retailers can apply for products marketed under their own brand name.

2. Communication with your representative

Once you've found the criteria for your product or service and are ready to begin your application process, contact your representative. Your representative is an independent organization responsible for evaluating, managing programs and granting EU Ecolabel licenses at national level. The representative will guide you regarding the documents required for your case such as declarations, data sheets and test results. Recommendations on product testing laboratories that are ISO 17025 accredited or equivalent and will share with you any technical information necessary to complete the application.

3. Registration of products and services in Ecolabel list

Ecolabel's product and service catalog is a database that contains valid products or services for each manufacturer and retailer and product or service information designed for stakeholders.

4. Product and service testing to create a file

In order to assess compliance with the criteria, registration of test requests is required from all applicants. A list of declarations, data sheets and test results is provided in the user manual of each product or group. Your representative will verify the accuracy of all submitted information and perform further testing if necessary.

Whenever EU Ecolabel criteria assessment and verification requires product testing, note that:

• All testing and verification costs for compliance with the criteria must be borne by you as the applicant. Ask the agent for more information on verification fees.

• Whenever the assessment and verification of EU Ecolabel criteria requires product tests, these tests should preferably be performed by laboratories that meet the general requirements of ISO 17025 or equivalent.

5. Sending the request and paying the fees

At this stage, you send your official request to your representative and complete your Ecolabel online registration.


The EU Ecolabel is designed with the lowest possible cost. However, since the costs of implementing this plan are different for each agency and from one product to another, the overall costs will vary accordingly.

6. Evaluation

After receiving your application, your representative will review all submitted documents and provide initial feedback within two months. At that time, additional documentation may be requested. If sufficient documentation is not received within 6 months of the request for more information, the agent can reject a request.

7. Approving the request and granting the license

Upon approval of your application, your agent will issue you a contract and license. This agreement covers the range of services or products covered by the license, including the brand name or reference number of the domestic manufacturer.

Once you have signed the contract, you can request a certificate from your agent

The items provided in this certificate :

. Applicable license number with the EU Ecolabel symbol;

• Applicant's legal name;

• Services or range of products that include the European Union Ecolabel;

• All associated trade names under which the product is sold or marketed.

Your representative will provide you with final confirmation on when to use the EU Ecolabel symbol and your license number on EU Ecolabel services and products that meet the criteria.

To receive more information about the conditions for obtaining the European environmental certificate, contact SohaToos consultants.