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CARES is globally recognized as the leading independent provider of certified assurance for the construction steel industry. Operating in over 50 countries, we instill confidence in the performance and origin of products for discerning stakeholders in both the public and private sectors.


The cutting-edge digital ecosystem sets the pace, ensuring speed and transparency in increasingly complex international supply chains. In these environments, where safety, sustainability, and product quality data are mission-critical, CARES provides assurance with a track record of excellence spanning 40 years. This reputation is built upon unparalleled sector knowledge, professional expertise, and digital certainty.


Clients in the infrastructure, design, consulting, and product specification sectors choose CARES to ensure the quality and sustainability of sourced materials. With the convenience of our seamless digital solution, clients consistently rely on CARES for the assurance and certification certainty we unfailingly deliver.



Each CARES certificate of approval includes the following information:

  • The company's name
  • The specific site address to which the successful assessment is applicable
  • The scope of certification covered by the approval, detailing:
  • Product standards and/or CARES assessment schedule
  • Processes/products/size range
  • The unique certificate number and a quick response code
  • The date of the initial approval
  • The date of issuance
  • The date of expiry



CARES issues six distinct types of certificates:

  1. Management system certificate


- Quality management systems in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard

- Environmental management systems in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard

- Occupational health and safety management systems according to ISO 45001 standard

2. Product conformity certificate

3. Product installation certificate

This type of certification is for specialist post-tensioning contractors and covers the installation of post-tensioning systems. In addition to general information, the product installation certificate includes the following:

- Relevant CARES assessment program, indicating the type of post-tensioning: slabs, highway structures or corrective grouting

- Type of post-tensioning system (internal/external/rod systems, band or without connection)

- The name of the extension to be installed

4. Technical approval certificate

This type of product certificate is for non-standard products and consists of two parts:

- Technical approval report that includes all details about the product, including restrictions on use and installation requirements. The technical approval report refers to the supporting technical approval certificate.

- Technical approval certificate is issued annually after successful regular monitoring inspections and periodic product testing. If the technical approval report is not supported by the current technical approval certificate, it is invalid.

5. Certificate of sustainable construction steel

6. Construction products instruction certificate

In this context depending on the applicable certification system required by the technical specifications for the product. There are two certificates that may be issued by CARES, the Factory Production Control Certificate and the Product Certificate.

- Factory production conformity certificate

- Certificate of Conformity Assessed in the United Kingdom (UKCA).


Each of these certificates enables the manufacturer of construction products to apply the UKCA mark to the product and the relevant certificate based on the defined requirements. Apply UKCA to products, paperwork, etc.



Application Process

  1. Submission of Application:
    • Applicants seeking a certificate of approval must submit applications to the Chief Executive Officer, specifying the Standard(s) for which certification is sought.
    • Applicants are required to possess and demonstrate: a. Technical capability and resources to meet the requirements of the relevant Standard(s) and CARES Operations Assessment Schedule. b. A management system, as defined in the applicable CARES Operations Assessment Schedule, is documented formally in a management system manual, as required by the Authority in its absolute discretion. c. Proven ability to manufacture, fabricate, install, or supply products consistently to the Standard(s) covered by the Certification Scheme.
  2. Application Requirements:
  3. Completed application form, including a signed declaration.
  4. Submission of the appropriate application fee and other fees as per the Terms of Business.
  5. Provision of a management system (in the form of a manual in any format and media) and, where applicable, documented information.

The detailed procedures for the application, assessment, and maintenance of approval are outlined in the Certification Scheme Manual.



Approval Process

The CARES certification process is a multi-stage process:

  • A formal application for approval
  • A desktop review of a company’s existing management system documentation to determine compliance with the relevant management system standard
  • A stage 1 assessment (preliminary inspection) at the company’s premises
  • A stage 2 assessment at the company’s premises to verify the effective implementation of the relevant management system and to witness the preparation of product samples for independent testing at a UKAS or equivalent accredited laboratory approved by CARES (if applicable)
  • Subject to a satisfactory stage 2 assessment and product testing the CARES CEO will award the certificate
  • Maintenance of approval will be based on satisfactory twice yearly (or annually depending on the CARES scheme) surveillance inspection audits and product testing (where applicable)
  • Product conformity certificates are valid for one year and are renewed annually subject to satisfactory audits and product testing
  • Management system certificates are valid over a three-year certification cycle
  • A company’s scope of approval may be extended or reduced at any time following formal notification to CARES and subject to some or all of the stages above. Companies are notified of the process for extending or reducing the scope by the relevant CARES Scheme Manager

Applicants will be refused certification if the applicant fails to meet the requirements of the relevant CARES scheme. The applicant will be informed of the decision by the CARES CEO in writing.

Approved company certificates may be withdrawn or suspended if the approved company fails to meet the requirements of the relevant CARES scheme. The final decision will be taken by the CARES CEO and the approved company notified in writing.

A right to appeal against such decisions is available to the applicant or approved company


Maintenance Process

Maintenance of a Certificate of Approval - Product:

  1. As a condition of the Certificate of Approval, the Authority assesses each element of the management system for quality and CARES Operations Assessment Schedule at least once per year.
  2. Maintenance typically involves two surveillance audits per calendar year, with reported results to the certified Company.
  3. The Chief Executive Officer may amend the testing program based on the certified Company's performance, audit results, and test outcomes, communicated in writing before the applicable audit.

Maintenance of a Certificate of Approval – Management System:

  1. As a condition of the Certificate of Approval, the Authority assesses each element of the relevant management system standard at least once every three years.
  2. Maintenance is generally conducted through one surveillance audit per calendar year, with reported results to the certified Company. The Chief Executive Officer may request additional visits.

The Chief Executive Officer reserves the right to request further visits.

Companies certified under the relevant Certification Scheme, as appropriate, shall undergo a triennial reassessment of their management system by the Authority.

If the surveillance audits and reassessment audit show that the Company continues to comply with the requirements of the Certification Scheme, as amended from time to time, a Certificate of Approval will be re-issued.

If required by the purchaser, the Company shall provide a copy of its Certificate of Approval.

Top of Form


Bottom of Form


Cost of CARES Approval:

  1. Application and Certification (One-time Fees):
    • Application fee: £4,000 (Non-returnable) – payable with the application.
    • Certification/CARES Cloud service fee: £4,500 – payable before the issue of the certificate.
  2. Assessment Costs and Expenses:
  3. Auditors fees: £1,350 per man day.
  4. Travel, accommodation, and subsistence: Charged in all cases.
  5. Auditors fees: £1,350 per man day.
  6. Travel, accommodation, and subsistence: Charged in all cases.
  7. Surveillance Inspections are conducted twice a year after certification has been obtained.
  8. Fixed sum of £11,000.
  9. Surveillance Inspection Costs and Expenses:
  10. Annual Fees:

Note: VAT at current rates should be added to all the above fees where applicable.


Product Sampling and Testing:

  • Assessment sampling covers the smallest, largest, and one intermediate diameter of the required size range for approval.
  • Auditors witness mechanical testing at the applicant's site, and duplicates are sent to an independent laboratory for testing.
  • Testing costs are payable by the applicant.


Note: All CARES fees are reviewed yearly and adjusted if necessary.

The certification timescale, from assessment to the issue of the certificate, varies, with a minimum of two months from receipt of a completed application. The duration depends on the resources, the commitment of the applicant company, and the outcomes of the quality management system and product assessments.



Updated On: 01/27/2024